The Ship Kings

The fortune of an empire will turn on the fate of one boy.

For close to a hundred years the fleets of the mighty Ship Kings have ruled the mysterious ocean world of the Four Isles. But now the tides of fortune are turning against them. From a remote mountain valley, far from the sea, there comes unheralded a boy by the name of Dow Amber. Against all likelihood, and in the face of many dangers, he is fated to become the greatest mariner of his age. Not only will he challenge the Ship Kings in the very heart of their realm, it will fall to him to voyage beyond the known limits of the Great Ocean itself, to give hope to a world that has none.

In four adventure-packed volumes, the Ship Kings series tells of Dow’s dramatic rise to fame and of his perilous explorations of the Great Ocean’s wonders and terrors – and, through it all, of his star-crossed entanglement with the unearthly Ship Kings girl, scapegoat and prophet, Ignella of the Cave.

Upon the high seas, whirlpool and war will threaten, and storm and monster will rise, but it is also the seas of fortune that Dow must master; for willing or not he has been marked for greatness, and fate will not be defied.

The Coming of the Whirlpool: Ship Kings 1 by Andrew McGahan  The Voyage of the Unquiet Ice: Ship Kings 2 by Andrew McGahan