The Ship Kings


The cataclysmic conclusion to Andrew McGahan’s stunning Ship Kings series has finally arrived!

In the Doldrums is where the spirits of the drowned assemble, it is the home of their dreadful afterlife, and their spectres walk by night upon the waters.

9781760292188It has come at last, Dow Amber’s great challenge: to lead his fleet where all mariners before have failed, through the Barrier Doldrums to the far side of the world. But although Dow and Nell expect great perils, nothing can prepare them for the dreadful truth about the Ocean of the Dead, nor protect them from the price that will be demanded for passage.

And even if they make it through – what awaits in the unseen half of the globe? The New World, or only emptiness?

The Ocean of the Dead is the cataclysmic conclusion to the Miles Franklin Award winner Andrew McGahan’s majestic Ship Kings series.

Good news! Book Four, The Ocean of the Dead, the final volume of the Ship Kings series, is officially out as of today, 27 July. I’ve included some shots here of how it looks. Makes a neat set, when together with the other three.Read more


In a world of storms and monsters, an Empire’s fortune turns on the fate of one boy…

Welcome to the Four Isles, a world that consists almost entirely of ocean. It is a sea vast and strange, quite unlike our own, and half of which lies still unseen and unexplored, bedevilled as it is by monsters of the deep and great storms and perilous zones where ships dare not go.

For close to a hundred years the Ship Kings have held dominion here, their fleets enforcing their rule over the four known Isles. But now the tide is turning against them, for from a remote corner of their empire arises unheralded a boy by the name of Dow Amber, who is fated – against all likelihood – to become the greatest mariner and captain of his age, and to challenge the Ship Kings at the very heart of their realm.

Along the way Dow will face wonders and terrors in abundance; giant whirlpools, towering ice, serpents of the abyss and more. He will fight in epic battles of world-wide rebellion, and suffer murderous treacheries at the hands of those he calls friends. He will yearn ever for the sea, but his heart will belong to the mysterious Ship Kings girl, Ignella of the Cave, enemy though she is. And at the end of all things, he will voyage beyond the limits of the Great Ocean itself, in search of hope for a world that has no other hope left.

The Ship Kings series consists of four volumes; The Coming of the Whirlpool, The Voyage of the Unquiet Ice, The War of the Four Isles – and the final volume, The Ocean of the Dead.