Treasures of the Deep


Short Story: The Blinding of Mother Gale
The clouds raced low and grey only a few hundred feet above the rounded peak of East Head. Stretched out there alone on the grassy hilltop, her green eyes stung almost to tears by the wind whipping in off the ocean, Susan Gale – oh so nearly sixteen years old now – stared down at the dark waters of the Rip and willed the maelstrom to form. Read more

Short Story: The Naming of the ‘Chloe’
Long before the young Vincente of the Shinbone laid eyes upon his future bride, he’d heard the most frightful rumours about her. Unwed well past the customary age, she was reputed to be a terror to any man who tried to court her; caustic of temper and sharp of tongue, arrogant in manner, cruel by nature, and as dangerous to all hands, everyone said, as a hundred-gun battleship. Read more

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In The Coming of the Whirlpool Dow Amber first learns of the substance called nicre, a thin shell that forms on the wooden hulls of boats and ships in seawater (but not in fresh water) and which can protect those hulls almost indefinitely from rot and barnacles. It is understood by Ship Kings scholars that the smooth lining is formed by tiny organisms in the seawater that bond with the wood; these organisms are also called nicre. Read more