Questions and Answers

Q: Will this series ever be filmed as movies? Really excited to read your next book. – Selma

A: Hi Selma. Yes it’s interesting to imagine how the books would look on film. Wonderfully grey and cold and gloomy, I’d hope – and some of the big action scenes could be spectacular. But at this point, no, there aren’t any proposals for any movies. I’ll let everyone know if that changes. Andrew.

Q: I like the mystery surrounding the doldrums, and I was wondering if you could give any hint to what might be beyond the barrier? Unsettled islands like Dow said, or a new civilisation? I understand that you probably wouldn’t be able to answer that question though. –Lachlan

A: Hi Lachlan. You’re right, I can’t give too much away about the Doldrums just yet. There’ll be a glimpse or two of the dreaded zone in Book 3, but the truth is you’ll have to wait until Book 4, The Ocean of the Dead, to experience the Barrier in all its full horror. As for what lies beyond, if anything, well, let’s see if anyone can make it across alive first …

Q: Is Dow’s name pronounced like “How Now, Brown Cow?” or like “loose an arrow from my bow”? –Adam

A: Hi Adam. Good question, I probably should have made it clear somewhere in Book 1. It’s pronounced as in ‘How Now, Brown Cow’.

Q: How far are you with the next ship kings book? I’m so excited to read it. –Anna

A: Hi Anna. As I’ve also mentioned in the Author’s Log, sadly I’ve fallen a bit behind schedule with Book 3 and so it won’t – as was hoped – be released at the end of 2013. It will now be around April/May 2014. My apologies, and I hope it will be worth the wait!


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