The Ocean of the Dead

The cataclysmic final book in the Ship Kings series. In search of a new world, Dow and Nell must face the final frontier – the treacherous Doldrums. Their journey will be filled with wonders; the rewards could be great – but the cost might be everything, for there are good reasons why none who have sailed the Ocean of the Dead have returned to tell the tale.

In the Doldrums is where the spirits of the drowned assemble, it is the home of their dreadful afterlife, and their spectres walk by night upon the waters.


It has come at last, Dow Amber’s great challenge: to lead his fleet where all mariners before have failed, through the Barrier Doldrums to the far side of the world. But although Dow and Nell expect great perils, nothing can prepare them for the dreadful truth about the Ocean of the Dead, nor protect them from the price that will be demanded for passage.

And even if they make it through – what awaits in the unseen half of the globe? The New World, or only emptiness?

The Ocean of the Dead is the cataclysmic conclusion to the Miles Franklin Award winner Andrew McGahan’s majestic Ship Kings series.