Log entry – 18

Good newsIMG_8899! Book Four, The Ocean of the Dead, the final volume of the Ship Kings series, is officially out as of today, July 27. I’ve included some shots here of how it looks. Makes a neat set, when together with the other three. My thanks to those who have been waiting patiently for it this last year and a half. Indeed, my thanks to those who have waited patiently throughout the whole series. It’s been a long six years, but at no point has my love for the Four Isle’s world, or my enjoyment in telling Dow’s tale, flagged, even though I was worried it might. Instead, I’m feeling a bit bereft now that Dow’s saga is complete. I’ll be moving on to other (non-fantasy) novels – but I’ll miss him.

I should also give a quick thanks here to everyone at Allen & Unwin for their support and encouragement over the six years – in particular to Anna McFarlane, who took the series on as publisher, and to Susannah Chambers, who did the bulk of the editing, book by book. It was a pleasure to work with both.

I’m not entirely done with the Ship Kings, however. There remain the companion stories here on this site to be completed. In fact, to celebrate the release of Book Four, we’re also shortly posting the next installment of the The Fish – Part Two of the three part tale, which charts the further disturbing developments of Roland of the Counting’s increasingly strange damnation.

IMG_8900And there’s more to come. The third and final part of The Fish is still to be written, but will appear here in the months ahead, revealing the answers to many mysteries, and even featuring a glimpse of Dow’s distant future, beyond the scope of the books to tell. And following that eventually will come one last stand-alone tale, making it eight stories in all collected here. And that will complete the entire Ship Kings cycle, as far as I know it.

So while the end is very much in sight, we’re not quite there yet. But for the time being, happy reading with Book Four!